Please read before using calculator. 

These values are a rough estimation of how much paint is required for your room. 

A quart covers approximately up to 100sqft per coat.

A gallon covers approximately up to 400sqft per coat.

A pail (5 gallon) covers approximately up to 2000sqft per coat.

This estimation calculator is based on per coat. 

This does not include ceilings. Precise paint needs may vary according to many factors, including porosity of the surface and/or the application method. 

Please note, the final section of this calculator states "Amount of Paint" where underneath it shows a certain # quart/gallon/pail. The number obtained depends on what number you pick on the slider above. For example, if you choose "100", this means you need "X" amount of quarts. If you choose "400" this means you need "X" amount of gallons. If you choose "2000" this means you need X amounts of pails.

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