Altex offers a wide array of window covering solutions for residential, commercial and architectural applications. 

Altex Roller Shades/Banded Shades

Altex roller shades consist of opaques, translucents, transparents or Ambio fabrics, which are the ideal choice if you are looking for sophisticated and fashionable décor.

Paired with Coulisse, a global brand in the window coverings industry, to bring exclusive contemporary European design-based collections of premium fabrics with a wide range of colours for roller shades and panel tracks.  This range includes wool, cotton and linen fabrics with a soft touch and textiles with delicate patterns.  In addition, Wilson Fabrics, an Australian manufacturer of window covering fabrics designed and created at the Altex plant in Terrebonne, Quebec.  Ecologically friendly, they have OEKO-TEX certification, a certification absent of substances harmful to humans and the environment.  These fabrics help maintain the temperature of your room, which means that you get to stay comfortable.  All shades are designed to protect the interior of your home from the effects of UV rays. 

Altex roller shades installed in a bright living room with white walls, window coverings, and furnitureAltex Ambio fabric

Comes with manual or motorized control systems.

Your choice of two manual control systems: 


With its Lite-Lift technology, the Aleo control system is specially designed to facilitate your shades manipulation.  A combination of compensators and springs optimizes the shade’s balance in addition to offering you the possibility of lowering it using its bottom bar.  Designed for smooth raising and lowering, the Aleo system offers long-term durability.

Absolute 2.0

Comes with or without motorization.  Used for simple shades and for tandem or multi-mechanism shades. Incorporates a device that allows for the adjustment and the height uniformity of each base for the tandem shades.  Choose the day and night option, available without cassette.  It’s an open roll version a system with two shades giving you two different levels of brightness and privacy depending on time of day. It’s perfect to get exactly the level of privacy you want. Absolute 2.0 is available wide range of colours and is offered with or without cassette. 

Your choice of two motorized control systems:

Standard Motorization

Battery motors are suitable for smaller window coverings and operate with easily replaceable or rechargeable batteries.  This is also an option to consider if there are no power sources near your windows.  Motors with power cables are perfect for larger shades.  For a shade that is difficult to access, or a large shade whose weight requires physical effort during raising or lowering, opt for motorization.  Standard motorization allows you to control one or more shades simultaneously and is easily programmable.

Smart Motorization

Compatible with a variety of mobile applications.  Just download one on your tablet or smartphone to control your window coverings, even when you aren’t home.  Program your shades to fit your lifestyle. 

Available Accessories:


The perfect accessory for refining your window.  Made of aluminum, they are available in different colours or can even be covered with fabrics to harmonize them with the look of your room. 

Bottom Bars

Bottom bars offer your shades an attractive and practical finish.   They serve as weight to guide them as they are lowered and prevent from lifting too high.  Aluminum bottom bars are available in various colours to match all components.  They can be inserted into the hem or covered with fabric.  Different shapes and styles are available.


Hide mechanisms and rollers to give a more contemporary look to windows.  Whether in aluminum, fabric, wood or PVC, valances are available in a variety of colours.

Side Channels

Promote near-total darkness in your room and acts as a seal between the fabric and the window frame.  Side channels are available in various sizes and colours to match cassettes.

Bottom Up Shades:

Ideal for large windows that overlook a busy street, these move from bottom to top. They are fixed at the bottom of the window. Altex bottom-up shades installed on the windows of a bathroom looking out onto a yard full of green trees

Panel Tracks:

Want a decorative element that reflects your personality?  Choose panel tracks, three to six fabric panels attached with Velcro to slides. These slides move inside the rails so you can slide the panels from one side to the other. These are an excellent solution for French windows or large windows and can be customized with valances and mouldings.

Lateral sliding permits a split draw or left or right stacking, wide accessibility thanks to its lateral opening.   Can also act as elegant dividers in a room, and can be customized with different accessories.

Altex panel tracks installed along the vertical floor-to-ceiling windows along the wall of a modern bedroom

Ready-to-Install Shades:

Looking for a fixed covering for your windows?  Ready-to-install shades are the perfect solution!  Thanks to pressure rods, the shades are held in place inside the frame without any screws or brackets.  As a result, your window frame does not suffer any damage.  These fixed shades cannot be lowered or raised.  They can cover vertical, horizontal and angular openings. Altex ready-to-install shades installed on custom-sized windows

Skylight Shades:

Skylight shades consist of a motorized mechanism that lets you open and close them.  You can enjoy the light when you want it.  With this motorized product, it is easy and fast to reach your desired light level.  With customized hardware, Altex has the ability to create and produce intricate shades for all skylight shapes.

Motorized Curtain Tracks:

The motorized curtain track is designed to accommodate curtains with different styles of permanent or Ripplefolds.  This track blends discreetly into the décor and can be bent in different ways to suit configurations, and can even bend up to 90 degrees.  You can get a fully motorized system, or tactile movement activated by gently pulling the fabric in the desired direction.