Why do you stock so many brands of paint?

The answer is in our name: Choice. Each company we've chosen to carry offers unique features and prices that allow us to give you the right product for the result you need.

What colour should I paint my...?

Whether it's in our showroom or in your home, our Certified Colour Consultants will be able to help you select the colour palette and decorative accessories to make any project look great.

Do you do colour matches

Yes. We have several colour matching computers, as well as a staff with decades of experience, to make sure you get the colour you want.

Do you only sell expensive paint?

No. While we do provide the highest quality paints available, we also offer a wide selection of products for commercial or price sensitive projects.

What makes a good paint good?

High quality paints are more concerned about application and performance, as opposed to lowest price. They contain higher volume solids, which include ingredients such as pigments and binders.

Why does that matter?

Having a high volume of solids means you will need fewer coats to obtain a durable, stain resistant paint film. The use of high quality pigments, such as Titanium Dioxide, and binders, such as Acrylic Resin, give the paint superior hiding power and colour retention for a longer lasting 'just painted' look.

Do I really need a primer?

While many good quality paints are considered 'self-priming', there are a number of situations where a primer would be required. It is always best to discuss the use of primer with one of our paint experts.

Many other window treatment stores charge for Shop at Home services, such as check measurements. Do you?

No, there is no charge or obligation for our Shop at Home service.

Do You Have Any Other Questions?

Feel free to call us, or better yet, come by the store!